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tinyLightbox is a small lightbox clone based on jquery. The main Idea was to enable different animations but having one core.




Default options can be overwritten by options param.

// selector inside of container
item: 'a',
slideshowSpeed: 5000,
slideshowAutostart: false,
// zoom image path
urlAttr: 'href',
// description attribute
descrAttr: 'title',
// animations speed
speed: 300,
labelImage: 'Image',
labelOf: 'of',
//animation extension name
animation: 'original',
// keyboard navigation enabled/disabled
keyNavigation: true,
// go to the first item after the last one
cycle: false,
// if the image is smaller than minWidth,
// minWidth will be used for the frame width instead
minWidth: 250,
minHeight: 190,
overlayOpacity: 0.7,
// fix selectboxes for ie6, using bgiframe plugin
bgiframe: true,
easing: 'swing',
// pass an array with urls and titles if you don't want to use the markup
// [{url: '', title: ''}]
data: null

Markup and needed files

See the demo for details


Dual licensed under the MIT ( and GPL ( licenses.