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    jQuery File Download is a cross server platform compatible jQuery plugin that allows for an Ajax-like file download experience that isn't normally possible using the web.

    Demo (of this exact source):


    Source here:


    Targeting pretty modern browser(s)?

    This might be a better solution to your problem https://github.com/eligrey/FileSaver.js/


    • jQuery 1.6+

    Common questions and answers

    • Q: I need to send in custom headers. How do I do that?
      • Unfortunately since this plugin uses an iframe and not AJAX you cannot send in custom headers. If you really need to do this and are willing to accept a more narrow range of browser support this might be a better solution to your problem https://github.com/eligrey/FileSaver.js/
    • Q: It doesn't work!?
      • Try out the demo and make sure you are doing exactly what it is doing: http://jqueryfiledownload.apphb.com/ If the demo doesn't work in your browser you have defintely found a bug and us know!
      • Due to iframe security restrictions you must serve up the file from the same domain you see in the address bar

    Supported and tested browsers

    • Internet Explorer 6+ - Works fine for standard use cases except in < IE9 JavaScript access to the failed response HTML doesn't (and can't) work reliably due to browser iframe constraints.
    • Firefox 11+ - reasonably sure it will work on earlier versions
    • Chrome 17+ - reasonably sure it will work on earlier versions
    • iOS 5.0+ - reasonably sure it will work on earlier versions
    • Android 4.0+ - non-GET requests do not work due to a long-standing bug in the Android browser. This is handled 'gracefully' with a message to the user.

    Note - You must also write a cookie in conjunction with using this plugin as mentioned in the orignal post:



    bower install jquery-file-download -S

    Example of writing cookie (MVC):

    The above attribute can be used on any controller action that may return a file download that you would like to use jquery.fileDownload.js with

    For more information and documentation please visit:


    Or look at the well documented JavaScript source:


    Ruby on Rails integration

    The jquery_file_download-rails gem integrates jquery.fileDownload.js into the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline.




    npm i jquery-file-download

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