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jQuery Auto Builder

An NPM package to help you automate the process of building your custom version of jQuery.

How to use it

Just Install it using npm npm install jquery-auto-builder

Then, you can simply use the command-line tool to build your custom version of jquery.

jquery-auto-builder [filename, filename,...] [options]

filename is the name of the file where you have your jquery code. jQuery Auto Builder will read your file and build a dry version of jQuery with only the modules you need to run your code.

Supported options:

  • -o -- the name of the output jquery file. By default, jQuery Auto Builder will save a file named jquery.custom.min.js or jquery.custom.js on the current directory. This option does not force directory creation.
  • -d -- build jquery in developer mode. By default, jQuery Auto Builder builds a minified version of jQuery.
  • -v -- Choose the version of jQuery you want to build. JQuery Auto Builder only builds the latest stable version of jQuery 1.* and 2.*. Current possible values are:
    • 1 -- Builds jQuery v.1.11.1
    • 2 -- Builds jQuery v.2.1.1


Building a minified version of jQuery 2.1.1 based on the file main.js, where all your jQuery code lives. Simply run:

jquery-auto-builder main.js

A file called jquery.custom.min.js will be created on your current dir with your custom jQuery.

If you wanted a developer version of jQuery 1.11.1 built, based on 3 different files, and the output to have a different name, then you would run:

jquery-auto-builder main-1.js main-2.js, main-3.js -d -v 1 -o dist/

A file named would be created on your dist (should exist before you run the command) folder with a developer dry version of jQuery v.1.11.1.

Support, Issues and Feedback

Any kind of support and feedback will be of great help.


MIT License © Vinícius Andrade