An Automated jQuery Custom Builder that generates a custom build of jquery based on the needs of your code.

#jQuery Auto Builder

An NPM package to help you automate the process of building your custom version of jQuery.

##How to use it

Just Install it using npm npm install jquery-auto-builder

Then, you can simply use the command-line tool to build your custom version of jquery.

jquery-auto-builder [filename, filename,...] [options]

filename is the name of the file where you have your jquery code. jQuery Auto Builder will read your file and build a dry version of jQuery with only the modules you need to run your code.

Supported options:

  • -o -- the name of the output jquery file. By default, jQuery Auto Builder will save a file named jquery.custom.min.js or jquery.custom.js on the current directory. This option does not force directory creation.
  • -d -- build jquery in developer mode. By default, jQuery Auto Builder builds a minified version of jQuery.
  • -v -- Choose the version of jQuery you want to build. JQuery Auto Builder only builds the latest stable version of jQuery 1.* and 2.*. Current possible values are:
    • 1 -- Builds jQuery v.1.11.1
    • 2 -- Builds jQuery v.2.1.1


Building a minified version of jQuery 2.1.1 based on the file main.js, where all your jQuery code lives. Simply run:

jquery-auto-builder main.js

A file called jquery.custom.min.js will be created on your current dir with your custom jQuery.

If you wanted a developer version of jQuery 1.11.1 built, based on 3 different files, and the output to have a different name, then you would run:

jquery-auto-builder main-1.js main-2.js, main-3.js -d -v 1 -o dist/jquery.dev.dry.js

A file named jquery.dev.dry.js would be created on your dist (should exist before you run the command) folder with a developer dry version of jQuery v.1.11.1.

##Support, Issues and Feedback

Any kind of support and feedback will be of great help.


MIT License © Vinícius Andrade