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    jQuery.announce - A micro-plugin for displaying unobtrusive announcements.

    Developed by Cory LaViska for A Beautiful Site, LLC, 2017
    Extended by Philip Mayer 2019

    Licensed under the MIT license:


    This plugin provides a minimal, lightweight, and customizable notification API for showing unobtrusive announcements in various styles. It's flexible enough to mold to your application's existing stylesheet and markup.


    • Simple syntax:
      • $'Hello there!')
      • $.announce.danger('Delete this?')
      • $.announce.success('All done?')
      • $.announce.warning('Are you sure?')
    • Minimal default styles; easy to customize or write your own.
    • Show/hide hooks for adding custom animation (works well with Velocity.js).
    • Responsive
    • Works well with Bootstrap and other frameworks
    • Same colorscheme as Bootstrap 4
    • Compact! (about 160 lines)


    A quick demo can be found on CodePen:

    A local demo can be found in example.html.


    Include the minified version of this plugin in your project or install via NPM:

    npm install --save jquery-announce

    For webpage usage you can also use the jsDelivr CDN:

    <!--Bind jquery here-->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    <script src=""></script>

    Using the plugin

    // Minimal example
    $'Hi there!');
    // Example with options
      message: 'Well <em>hello</em> there!',
      hPos: 'bottom',
      vPos: `left`,
      outline: true
      duration: 2000,
      hideOnClick: true,
      html: true
    // Use own colors
      message: 'Purple power!',
      customColors: true,
      // important: you need to set the same colors property as the announcement-type
      // text is the color of the announcement text
      colors: {info : 'purple', text: 'mistyrose'}


    The following announcements are included by default:


    There is also a method to create custom announcements:

    • $.announce.say('your-custom-type', options)

    In this case, the resulting announcement will be assigned the following classes that you can use for styling purposes: announce announce-your-custom-type

    Note: By design, only one announcement will ever be shown at a time. Multiple notifications (i.e. stacking or growl-style) are outside the scope of this micro-plugin.


    If options is a string, it will be used as the message. If options is an object, it will be merged with $.announce.defaults.

    Available options:

    • className: The class name to assign to the announcement.
    • duration: The length of time in milliseconds to show the announcement.
    • hideOnClick: If true, the announcement will be hidden when the user clicks on it.
    • html: If true, HTML will not be escaped when setting the message.
    • show: Function for showing the announcement. Use this to reference the announcement element. Must return a promise-compatible object that resolves when the promise is completely visible. (This promise is currently not used, but is included for future enhancements.) Default value:
    • outline: If true, the announcement will be outlined
    • outlineColor: Color of announcement background-color. Default value: 'transparent'
    • hPos: Horizontal position, values top|bottom|center. Default value: top
    • vPos: Vertical position, values left|right|center. Default value: center
    • customColors: If true, custom color/colorschemes for announcement can be used. By default the custom color set are bootstrap 4 colors.
    • colors: Color set for custom colors. Usable options are: info danger warning success primary secondary light text dark. text is for css color property.
      function() {
        var defer = $.Deferred();
        $(this).fadeIn(250, function() {
        return defer;
    • hide: Function for hiding the announcement. Use this to reference the announcement element. Must return a promise-compatible object that resolves when the announcement is completely hidden. Default value:
      function() {
        var defer = $.Deferred();
        $(this).fadeOut(250, function() {
        return defer;

    You may also update the default options before calling either method:

    $.announce.defaults.optionName = yourValue;


    All announcements return a promise-compatible (jQuery-deferred) object that will resolve once the announcement is completely hidden:

    $'Hi there!').then(function() {


    npm i jquery-announce

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