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Unity Test Tools

A useful tools for testing. For example, outputting test reports in JUnit format.

Install your unity project

Install from npmjs

Add npmjs registry to Packages/manifest.json in your Unity project.

  "scopedRegistries": [
      "name": "npmjs",
      "url": "",
      "scopes": ["jp.masakura.unity"]
  "dependencies": {
    // ...
  1. Open Package Manager Window with Your Unity project.
  2. Click +, select Add package by name...
  3. entry
  4. Click Add

Install from GitLab

  1. Open Package Manager Window with your Unity project.
  2. Click +, select Add package from git URL...
  3. entry
  4. Click Add

How to use

Unity Test Runner

TestRunnerApi.Execute() executes the test, but it is difficult to wait for test completion because it runs jobs in the background.

Coroutine to execute test and wait for completion.

Create Assets/Editor/Test.cs file.

public static class Test
    public static void Run()
        var runner = new UnityTestRunner();
        runner.Execute(new ExecutionSettings(/* ... */))
            .WithCallback(context => {
                // The type of `context.Result` is ITestResultAdapter.
                // See also
                Debug.Log($"{context.Result.Test.TestCaseCount} tests have been completed.");

                // Exit editor application, if only batchmode.

Execute in batchmode.

$ /unity/install/dir/Unity -batchmode -logfile - -executeMethod Test.Run

WARNING: Callback function must be serializable

Unity Test Reporter

Output test results to report.

var runner = new UnityTestRunner();
runner.Execute(new ExecutionSettings(/* ... */))
    .WithCallback(context => {
        // Save JUnit style report.

        // Print test result summary.

JUnit style report

// Save report.

// Save report to TestResults-junit-{ticks}.xml. 

This report can be reviewed on GitLab or GitHub.

GitLab Test reports

GitHub JUnit Report Action

Summary Report

// Print test result summary.

A summary of the test results is outputted as shown in the example

Test finished.

Passed       | 48
Failed       | 13
Inconclusive |  0
Skipped      |  1
------------ | --
Total        | 62

Unity Test Callbacks Reporter

Create Assets/Editor/Test.cs file.

using Ignis.Unity.Test.Tools.Reporting;
using UnityEditor;
using UnityEditor.TestTools.TestRunner.Api;
using UnityEngine;

public static Test
    public static void EditMode()

    static Test()
        Runner = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<TestRunnerApi>();
        // Displays the progress of the test with dots.
        Runner.RegisterCallbacks(new DotReporter());
        // Displays a summary of the test results.
        Runner.RegisterCallbacks(new SummaryReporter());

        // Outputs the test results in JUnit format.
        // (TestResults-junit-{ticks}.xml)
        Runner.RegisterCallbacks(new JUnitReporter());
        // Exits Unity Editor after the test is finished.
        Runner.RegisterCallbacks(new ExitEditor());

    private static TestRunnerApi Runner { get; }

    [MenuItem("Build/Test PlayMode")]
    public static void PlayMode()
        Runner.Execute(new ExecutionSettings(new Filter
            testMode = TestMode.PlayMode

Select Build/Test PlayMode from the Unity Editor menu.

Or execute from the command line.

$ /unity/install/dir/Unity -batchmode -logfile - -executeMethod Test.PlayMode



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