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    joplin api

    API documentation, Joplin official document


    Joplin api's js package, written in ts, provides a complete type definition, including all currently exposed api in the document.

    Quick Start

    import { config, noteApi } from 'joplin-api'
    config.baseUrl = ''
    config.token = '***'
    const res = await noteApi.list()

    More examples reference:

    API Reference

    Object Description
    eventApi event-related api, such as getting note modification history
    folderApi Directory-related api, such as getting directory tree
    folderExtApi Directory extension api, such as mobile directory
    joplinApi joplin basic api, such as checking whether joplin web service is open
    noteActionApi Note-related action api, such as opening a note in an external editor
    noteApi Note related api, such as getting the content of the note
    noteExtApi Note extension api, such as renaming
    resourceActionApi Resource action api, such as opening an attachment resource in an external editor
    resourceApi Resource-related api, such as uploading pictures
    searchApi Search related api
    tagApi Tag related api, such as modifying the tag of a note
    config Global joplin web clipper configuration
    PageUtil Paging-related static tools, such as getting the full list of notes

    Conventional name

    • Use class to encapsulate API, for example note related API is encapsulated in NoteApi class.
    • Keep the same naming for the same function meaning. For example, the note list is NoteApi.list. The following is a complete comparison table
    Meaning Naming Examples
    List list noteApi.list
    Get by id get noteApi.get
    Create create noteApi.create
    Modify update noteApi.update
    Remove remove noteApi.remove
    • There are some special cases, such as APIs involving multiple entities, the naming is generally operation entity + by + according to entity, for example, the API to get the tag list according to the note id is noteApi.tagsById

    some problems

    • The get method should not report an error, if it does not exist it should return null instead of throwing an exception




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