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automatically join open and internet connected wireless networks on linux

how it works

it uses iwconfig and iwlist to scan for nearby networks. then one at a time (in order of signal strength) it tries to connect to one and then checks to see if it can resolve the dns for if it can't then it moves on to the next network until it find one that is open and online.


sudo npm install joinopenwifi -g

(the sudo is necessary because changing wireless networks on linux requires superuser permissions)

this is tested on a raspberry pi. you will need to put node.js on it. here are some notes on how

to run this script you should use a process monitor like mon/mongroup so that it runs forever and ever and automatically on startup. see the notes above for some examples of a mongroup script

I use this script with mongroup on a 1 minute delay so when it exits mongroup restarts it, it waits 1 minute, then repeats. you could achieve a similar result with cron but would have to figure out a way to make sure multiple instances dont spawn (like a process lock file)


sudo joinopenwifi <interface> <delay (milliseconds)> <verbose>

optional arguments default to: wlan0 0 true

there is also a programmatic API. you can just require('joinopenwifi') and read index.js

the delay is so you can run this on startup and give linux a chance to connect to a known network