CLI for Jira based on jira-cli


This is a fork of the jira-cli project which isn't actively maintained anymore so I built on top of it for now.

  • This is mainly a fork for my day job's Jira work, so there are some customizations to be made before this is availble via npm.
  • That said it'll be available soon via NPM
  • Lists your issues by default
  • List all projects you have access to
  • Finds an issue by Key (AB-123) or Id (123456)
  • Opens an issue
  • Allows user to add a new ticket to different projects
  • Transitions an issue (shows all available transition states)
  • Adds a worklog to an issue
  • Allow searching to be limited by project id
  • Returns results in a simple or detailed output
  • Colors things you care about which is customizable
  • Better/refactored testing FOR SURE
  • Fully customizable colors and options
  • Ability to open your browser on a selected project or issue
  • Support for arrays of items to transition, log work, etc

GitHub Documentation

jira-term -l to list your assigned items

jira-term -f AB-123 to find an item

jira-term -f AB-123 -d to find an item and show details

jira-term -p to list al projects

jira-term -t AB-123 to transition the item

This is built off of the great node-jira API so please refer to their documentation on the requirements needed for connectivity and security to your Jira instance.

If you use https: for jira, add "protocol": "https:" to your .jiraclirc.json If your ssl certs are also self-signed add: "strictSSL": false to your .jiraclirc.json

Using jasmine-node with grunt currently and need a ton of work. Spies are working, but brute force unit tests are needed for coverage.

  • 0.0.1 Initial Release

Licensed under the MIT license. I forked, you fork, whatever let's all have some fun and get shit done.