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    Run end-to-end tests on your Expo web projects with Jest, Puppeteer, and the Expo CLI. This library wraps jest-puppeteer and reads info from your project's app.json to configure it correctly for development and production builds. This library will automatically configure your project to run Puppeteer correctly in CI.


    • yarn add jest-expo-puppeteer puppeteer --dev or npm i jest-expo-puppeteer puppeteer --save-dev

    • Add the following config to package.json:

      "scripts": {
        "test": "jest",
        "test:prod": "EXPO_WEB_E2E_ENV=production jest"
      "jest": {
        // You should use jest-expo-puppeteer as your preset which wraps jest-puppeteer and adds minor changes (subject to change in the future)
        "preset": "jest-expo-puppeteer"
        // You could also just use `jest-puppeteer` preset but this may have unexpected behavior
        "preset": "jest-puppeteer"
    • Create a jest-puppeteer.config.js file in your root directory:

      // For testing
      const { withExpoPuppeteer } = require('jest-expo-puppeteer');
      module.exports = withExpoPuppeteer({
        // Configure...
    • Create a __tests__ directory anywhere you like and a Example-test.js file inside of it, and add this code:

      // Import the config so we can find the host URL
      import config from '../jest-puppeteer.config';
      let response;
      beforeEach(async () => {
        // Jest puppeteer exposes the page object from Puppeteer
        response = await page.goto(config.url);
      it(`should match a text element`, async () => {
        // Target elements and test their properties
        await expect(page).toMatchElement('div[data-testid="basic-text"]', {
          text: 'Open up App.js to start working on your app!',
    • Run yarn test and it should pass in development mode by starting expo-cli, puppeteer, and jest then executing the Jest tests


    You can customize the jest-dev-server, puppeteer, and expo-cli options from the jest-puppeteer.config.js file:

    const { withExpoPuppeteer } = require('jest-expo-puppeteer');
    module.exports = withExpoPuppeteer({
      // development will run `expo start`
      // production will run `expo build:web` then serve the static bundle
      // this value can also be defined inline with `process.env.EXPO_WEB_E2E_ENV`
      // This is "development" by default
      mode: 'development' | 'production' | process.env.EXPO_WEB_E2E_ENV,
      // Used with `mode: 'production'` to skip the build phase if the output folder exists.
      // This is useful for debugging. This is false by default
      preventRebuild: boolean,
      // The relative path for the expo project you want to run. This is `process.cwd()` by default (root directory)
      projectRoot: string,
      // The jest dev server config options:
      server: Object,
      // The rest of the puppeteer config options:

    Running in watch mode

    Because jest-puppeteer doesn't start the server in watch mode you will need to start the Webpack server manually. A simple way to do this is by opening a new terminal window and running: WEB_PORT=5000 expo start:web --https. For SSR you'll need to change the port to 8000.

    If you get the error "start:web" is not an expo command. See "expo --help" for the full list of commands. then you may need to update expo-cli (npm i -g expo-cli) or use the older command expo start --web-only.

    Usage in Circle CI

    This library is built to work with continuous integration, just ensure you are using a Docker image that works with Puppeteer, ex: circleci/node:latest-browsers

        # A Docker image that works with Puppeteer
          - image: circleci/node:latest-browsers
        shell: /bin/bash -leo pipefail
        resource_class: small
          USER: circleci
          - checkout
          # Running this preset will check for the existence of node modules before running.
          - run: yarn test


    Jest documentation Jest Puppeteer documentation Puppeteer server options connect options launch options




    npm i jest-expo-puppeteer

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