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This is a fork of ocavue/jest-puppeteer-istanbul, if you are using puppeteer, i would suggest using original library. it has been modified and added a function to manually passing a page to a function and setting the coverage.


yarn add -D jest-chromium-istanbul
// or
npm install -D jest-chromium-istanbul



Make sure that you have Jest and Babel installed and configured.


Install babel-plugin-istanbul and add it to your Babel config.

You should ONLY use this plugin when you are in development mode. This plugin will add a lot of code for keeping track of the coverage statements. You definitely won't want them in your final production code.

Babel configuration examples:

// .babelrc.js
const plugins = [
    /* Your babel plugins */
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === "development") {
module.exports = {
    plugins: plugins,
// babel.config.json
    plugins: [
        // Your babel plugins
    env: {
        development: {
            plugins: ["istanbul"],


Update your Jest configuration:

  • Add json to coverageReporters. Since the defualt value of coverageReporters has json inclued, you don't need to change coverageReporters if you havn't specify it.
  • Add jest-chromium-istanbul/lib/reporter to reporters.

Set coverage using function as follow:

import { setCoverage } from "jest-chromium-istanbul"

await setCoverage(page)

Alternatively If chromium page available globally do as follow:

Update your Jest configuration:

  • Add jest-chromium-istanbul/lib/setup to setupFilesAfterEnv.


If custom reporters are specified, the default Jest reporters will be overridden. To keep default reporters, default can be passed as a module name.

A Jest configuration example:

  coverageReporters: ["json", "text", "lcov"],
  setupFilesAfterEnv: ["jest-chromium-istanbul/lib/setup"],
  reporters: ["default", "jest-chromium-istanbul/lib/reporter"],
  collectCoverage: true,

If you use jest-chromium, jest-chromium will make page globally available. Otherwise you can set page globally as follow:

beforeAll(async () => {
    const browser = await chromium.launch()
    const page = await browser.newPage()
    global.page = page
describe("E2E Tests", () => {
    test(async () => {
        /* Your test code */


npm i jest-chromium-istanbul

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