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PC Load Letter

Jenkins is an older piece of technology. And yet, if you use Jenkins, it is vitally important to your every day work.

And so enters jenkins-pc-load-letter:

jenkins-pc-load-letter is a small utility for loading jobs into jenkins, and unloading jobs from Jenkins. Jobs are saved off as their native format: XML.


npm install -g jenkins-pc-load-letter


Unloading Jobs

Imagine that..

You can save this job off as XML with:

jenkins-pc-load-letter unload --jenkins https://jenkins.company.com:8080 --job great-job

This command will cause a file named "great-job.xml" to come into existence that matches the current state of "great-job" on your jenkins. You could check this into source control for safe keeping, or modify it with your favorite text editor and load it back in.

Loading Jobs

Imagine that..

  • A jenkins is running at https://jenkins.company.com:8080.
  • You have previously unloaded a job named "great-job" and saved it off as XML in a file named "great-job.xml"
  • The jenkins that is running does not have a job named "great-job," or it does have this job, but you want what's in the XML file to replace what's on the server.

You can take the contents of a formerly-saved-off job and load it into jenkins with:

jenkins-pc-load-letter load --jenkins https://jenkins.company.com:8080 --file great-job.xml

This command will look for a file named "great-job.xml" and create a job named "great-job" on the jenkins instance. It will update this job so that it matches the file contents if the job already exists.


npm i jenkins-pc-load-letter

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