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Visual Development with Angular2

Visual development was broken in the world of web development, mostly because pre-defined visual components could not be re-used anymore. The industry accepts the fact that complex web apps can be developed only textually.

jBart suggests a revolutionary approach for visual development of complex apps that actually works.

Visual Development Concepts

  • pick & edit (like in Chrome debugger)
  • work by example data
  • smart data/code guidance in context
  • preserve the full power of angular2 & javascript

Visual Development Benefits

  • faster delivery
  • enhance quality
  • reduce development/maintenance costs
  • less technical people can build complex business apps
  • develop larger projects
  • enhance team work effectiveness

jBart is written by itself

  • core is written in angular2
  • studio is written by itself (like the C compiler written in C)

Who Uses jBart?

  • large teams
  • hybrid teams: architects build the components, implementers build the applications

Install from npm

npm install jbart5-ng2
cd node_modules/jbart5-ng2
bower install
npm start

Install from github

clone or download from

cd jbart5-ng
npm install
bower install
npm start

open the studio http://localhost:8081/project/studio/material-demo


visual development with angular2

Learn jbart

If you want to learn more about jBart visual development concepts, please start with jbart4 and read the tutorial carefully.

jBart Name Story

BART - business art

jBart - light javascript business art