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Daily Status Reports are available in the Road Map at the link below. Also, we're doing a Breakout Session @ RE:INVENT 2015

JAWS is a 100% free and open-source framework for building serverless applications (web, mobile, IoT) using Amazon Web Services' Lambda, API Gateway, and more. Lambda's event-driven model offers tremendous cost savings and colossal horizontal scaling ability. Now, JAWS helps you build and maintain entire event-driven/serverless applications using Lambda.

JAWS is being worked on full-time by Austen Collins and Ryan Pendergast.

Please consider donating to help keep us going :)

Quick Start

Note: We recommend camelCase for project names. Why?

  • $ cd <new-project-name>

  • $ jaws module create greetings hello

  • $ jaws dash

This will create a new jaws project, create a lambda function with an API Gateway endpoint, which you can immediately deploy via jaws dash. After deployment is complete, you will be given a url. In the above example, you can access your deployed lambda at your_url/greetings/hello.


JAWS is an application framework for building serverless web, mobile and IoT applications. JAWS comes in the form of a command line interface that provides structure, automation and optimization to help you build and maintain your serverless app.

JAWS uses AWS services exclusively, since it relies on AWS's Lambda service to provide event-driven compute resources and many AWS services integrate nicely with Lambda. A JAWS app can be simply a group of lambda functions to accomplish some tasks, or an entire back-end comprised of hundreds of lambda functions.

In JAWS V1, we made a strong effort to make not just a groundbreaking serverless framework, but the best framework for building applications with AWS in general (that is also serverless!). As a result, JAWS V1 incorporates years of AWS expertise into its tooling, giving you best practices out-of-the-box.


During the week of 9/21 we will be finishing up our docs, best practices and FAQ pages.

Once you become familiar with JAWS, you can read about JAWS AWSM: Amazon Web Services Modules to start contributing awsm's to the community.



npm i jaws-framework

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