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JavaScript Heroes

Heroes from the JavaScript Community

Heroes! Wait, what?

Google comes up with definition of a hero as "a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities".

Considering that, we see few people who have been using their experience, knowledge and mixing up both of those with some curiosity and finally spending their valuable time solving problems and doing good for the entire community. We say them - heroes.


While developing Gopher (a tool to make things friendly and interesting for front-end developers) [WIP], I came across an idea of putting up a list of few amazing people from the community for all the fellow programmers (newbies et al). Instead of creating the list and storing that in some corner of the codebase ("hidden"), I decided to release it as a separate repo for public accessibility.


Well, JavaScript; in fact front-end evolves at a supersonic speed. Blogs, posts, news is nice, but keeping yourself up with updates and some valuable tips/ideas from few really influential people in the community is always very helpful. Sometimes better.

Module? I don't understand!

Although its really good to have a markdown for such purpose, the thought process here was to make this list of people accessible as a JSON. What would do it better than NPM? Doesn't necessarily you need to create some other module/app using it (although it'd be nice to see something like that), you can use that list anywhere. It's an all-purpose thingy.

So, these heroes.. Is that it?

Nope. This is just an initial list. There are many, many more, others. Please feel free to open a PR with details of your favorite JavaScript person and a reason why he/she would be a good addition to the list.


Install it using the standard NPM -

npm install --save javascript-heroes

or using YARN -

yarn add javascript-heroes


Import the (JSON list)[/heroes.json] :

import jsHeroes from 'javascript-heroes'

and do something awesome.


  • add hero details on markdown
  • add more heroes
  • PR! PR! PR!


At present, the list is really small, I agree. And there are plentiful other people who should be here on this list. So please go ahead and open a PR with your favorite heroes. Don't forget to put up the reason why according to you the person is a hero.

If you think, there should be some other details for a hero, suggest one by opening an issue.

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