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jasmine-only is a standalone plugin that you can load after jasmine that adds mocha-style exclusivity helpers describe.only and it.only to jasmine 1.3.1

Download the latest version here.


The exclusivity feature allows you to run only the specified suite or test-case by appending .only() to the call

here is a simple example:

describe "jasmine-only"->
  describe "describe.only and it.only"->
    normal    = jasmine.createSpy('normal spec')
    exclusive = jasmine.createSpy('exclusive spec')
    describe "normal"->
      it "shouldnt execute this 1"normal
      it.only "it only executes this 1"exclusive
    describe.only "exclusive"->
      it "shouldnt execute this 2"normal
      it.only "it only executes this 2"exclusive
      describe "nested exclusive"->
        it.only "it only executes this 3"->
    describe.only "normal 2"->
      it "shouldnt execute this 3"normal


jasmine-only has the following aliases for exclusive spec helpers

describe.only can be written as ddescribe

it.only can be written as iit

thanks / prior art

Much of this work is based on existing prior art, thanks to: