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    Just Another Parallax

    Smooth parallax scrolling effect for background images, videos. Code in pure JavaScript with NO dependencies + jQuery supported. YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted Videos parallax supported.


    Tested Browsers

    • Latest browsers on Mac and Windows (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11, Edge)
    • Latest Chrome on Android
    • Latest Safari on iOs


    File Gzipped Size
    jarallax.min.js jarallax.min.js
    jarallax-video.min.js jarallax-video.min.js

    Usage with WordPress

    Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

    We made WordPress plugin to easily add backgrounds for content in your blog with all Jarallax features.

    Demo: https://wpbackgrounds.com/

    Download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-backgrounds/

    Usage with React

    Demo: https://codepen.io/_nK/pen/mddWddr

    Getting Started


    npm install jarallax --save

    import {
    } from 'jarallax';

    Note: in this way is not available jQuery and data-attribute automatic initialization. Use javascript call instead (Example).


    <!-- Jarallax -->
    <script src="jarallax/dist/jarallax.min.js"></script>
    <!-- Include it if you want to use Video parallax -->
    <script src="jarallax/dist/jarallax-video.min.js"></script>


    Link directly from unpkg

    <!-- Jarallax -->
    <script src="https://unpkg.com/jarallax@1/dist/jarallax.min.js"></script>
    <!-- Include it if you want to use Video parallax -->
    <script src="https://unpkg.com/jarallax@1/dist/jarallax-video.min.js"></script>

    Supported plugins

    You can add these plugins before jarallax initialize.

    Set up your HTML

    <!-- Background Image Parallax -->
    <div class="jarallax">
        <img class="jarallax-img" src="<background_image_url_here>" alt="">
        Your content here...
    <!-- Background Image Parallax with <picture> tag -->
    <div class="jarallax">
        <picture class="jarallax-img">
            <source media="..." srcset="<alternative_background_image_url_here>">
            <img src="<background_image_url_here>" alt="">
        Your content here...
    <!-- Alternate: Background Image Parallax -->
    <div class="jarallax" style="background-image: url('<background_image_url_here>');">
        Your content here...

    Additional styles

    These styles need to correct background image position before Jarallax initialized:

    .jarallax {
        position: relative;
        z-index: 0;
    .jarallax > .jarallax-img {
        position: absolute;
        object-fit: cover;
        /* support for plugin https://github.com/bfred-it/object-fit-images */
        font-family: 'object-fit: cover;';
        top: 0;
        left: 0;
        width: 100%;
        height: 100%;
        z-index: -1;

    You can include it from dist/jarallax.css.

    Call the plugin

    A. Data attribute way

    <div data-jarallax data-speed="0.2" class="jarallax">
        <img class="jarallax-img" src="<background_image_url_here>" alt="">
        Your content here...

    Note: You can use all available options as data attributes. For example: data-speed, data-img-src, data-img-size, etc...

    B. JavaScript way

    jarallax(document.querySelectorAll('.jarallax'), {
        speed: 0.2

    C. jQuery way

        speed: 0.2

    Background Video Usage Examples

    A. Data attribute way

    <!-- Background YouTube Parallax -->
    <div class="jarallax" data-jarallax-video="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab0TSkLe-E0">
        Your content here...
    <!-- Background Vimeo Parallax -->
    <div class="jarallax" data-jarallax-video="https://vimeo.com/110138539">
        Your content here...
    <!-- Background Self-Hosted Video Parallax -->
    <div class="jarallax" data-jarallax-video="mp4:./video/local-video.mp4,webm:./video/local-video.webm,ogv:./video/local-video.ogv">
        Your content here...

    Note: for self-hosted videos required 1 video type only, not necessarily use all mp4, webm and ogv. This needs only for maximum compatibility with all browsers.

    B. JavaScript way

    import { jarallax, jarallaxVideo } from 'jarallax';
    jarallax(document.querySelectorAll('.jarallax'), {
        speed: 0.2,
        videoSrc: 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab0TSkLe-E0'
    <div class="jarallax"></div>

    Elements Parallax Usage Examples

    Since v1.9.0 there was an extension to allow transform specific elements. This feature is still available, but DEPRECATED. We recommend you to use laxxx library https://github.com/alexfoxy/laxxx. It is much more powerful and has a less code (in cases when you don't want to add parallax backgrounds).


    Options can be passed in data attributes or in object when you initialize jarallax from script.

    Name Type Default Description
    type string scroll scroll, scale, opacity, scroll-opacity, scale-opacity.
    speed float 0.5 Parallax effect speed. Provide numbers from -1.0 to 2.0.
    imgSrc path null Image url. By default used image from background.
    imgElement dom / selector .jarallax-img Image tag that will be used as background.
    imgSize string cover Image size. If you use <img> tag for background, you should add object-fit values, else use background-size values.
    imgPosition string 50% 50% Image position. If you use <img> tag for background, you should add object-position values, else use background-position values.
    imgRepeat string no-repeat Image repeat. Supported only background-position values.
    keepImg boolean false Keep <img> tag in it's default place after Jarallax inited.
    elementInViewport dom null Use custom DOM / jQuery element to check if parallax block in viewport. More info here - Issue 13.
    zIndex number -100 z-index of parallax container.
    disableParallax RegExp / function - Disable parallax on specific user agents (using regular expression) or with function return value. The image will be set on the background.
    disableVideo RegExp / function - Disable video load on specific user agents (using regular expression) or with function return value. The image will be set on the background.

    Disable on mobile devices

    You can disable parallax effect and/or video background on mobile devices using option disableParallax and/or disableVideo.


    jarallax(document.querySelectorAll('.jarallax'), {
        disableParallax: /iPad|iPhone|iPod|Android/,
        disableVideo: /iPad|iPhone|iPod|Android/

    Or using function. Example:

    jarallax(document.querySelectorAll('.jarallax'), {
        disableParallax: function () {
            return /iPad|iPhone|iPod|Android/.test(navigator.userAgent);
        disableVideo: function () {
            return /iPad|iPhone|iPod|Android/.test(navigator.userAgent);

    Options For Video (+ supported all default options)

    Required jarallax/jarallax-video.js file.

    Name Type Default Description
    videoSrc string null You can use Youtube, Vimeo or Self-Hosted videos. Also you can use data attribute data-jarallax-video.
    videoStartTime float 0 Start time in seconds when video will be started (this value will be applied also after loop).
    videoEndTime float 0 End time in seconds when video will be ended.
    videoLoop boolean true Loop video to play infinitely.
    videoPlayOnlyVisible boolean true Play video only when it is visible on the screen.
    videoLazyLoading boolean true Preload videos only when it is visible on the screen.

    Options For Element Parallax

    Required jarallax/jarallax-element.js file.

    Name Type Default Description
    type string element Will only work with element value.
    speed mixed 0 0 Parallax distance in pixels. Supported Y and X axis. Example: 100 200. Also you can use data attribute data-jarallax-element.
    threshold mixed null null Specify threshold for the parallax effect to kick in. For example, if you pass 0 0, the element will start to move only after it has been scrolled to the middle of the viewport.


    Events used the same way as Options.

    Name Description
    onScroll Called when parallax working. Use first argument with calculations. More info see below.
    onInit Called after init end.
    onDestroy Called after destroy.
    onCoverImage Called after cover image.

    onScroll event

    jarallax(document.querySelectorAll('.jarallax'), {
        onScroll: function(calculations) {

    Console Result:

        // parallax section client rect (top, left, width, height)
        rect            : object,
        // see image below for more info
        beforeTop       : float,
        beforeTopEnd    : float,
        afterTop        : float,
        beforeBottom    : float,
        beforeBottomEnd : float,
        afterBottom     : float,
        // percent of visible part of section (from 0 to 1)
        visiblePercent  : float,
        // percent of block position relative to center of viewport from -1 to 1
        fromViewportCenter: float

    Calculations example: On Scroll Calculations


    Name Result Description
    destroy - Destroy Jarallax and set block as it was before plugin init.
    isVisible boolean Check if parallax block is in viewport.
    onResize - Fit image and clip parallax container. Called on window resize and load.
    onScroll - Calculate parallax image position. Called on window scroll.

    Call methods example

    A. JavaScript way

    jarallax(document.querySelectorAll('.jarallax'), 'destroy');

    B. jQuery way


    No conflict

    If you already have global jarallax variable or jQuery.fn.jarallax, you can rename plugin.

    A. JavaScript way

    var newJarallax = jarallax.noConflict();

    B. jQuery way

    jQuery.fn.newJarallax = jQuery.fn.jarallax.noConflict();

    For Developers


    • Run npm install in the command line. Or if you need to update some dependencies, run npm update


    • npm run dev to run build and start local server with files watcher
    • npm run build to run build


    • npm run js-lint to show eslint errors
    • npm run js-lint-fix to automatically fix some of the eslint errors


    • npm run test to run unit tests

    Real Usage Examples


    Images https://unsplash.com/ Videos https://videos.pexels.com/


    npm i jarallax

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