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JaLHyd - Javascript Library For Hydraulics

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Build and release


  • nodejs

Install dependencies

npm install

Run unit tests using Jasmine

Debugging might not be possible because of circular dependencies generated by typescript compiler

npm run jasmine

Compile (es2015 modules)

This is the preferred way of compiling, notably for usage in Web apps (ngHyd)

npm run build

Compile for Node.js (commonjs modules)

Use this if you want to write a CLI application in JS or TS, that will be executed by Node.js (see examples in /boilerplate)

npm run build-node

Generate release package (es2015 modules)

npm run package

Generate release package for Node.js (commonjs modules)

npm run package-node

Flag suspicious language usage

npm run lint

Generate typedoc

npm run doc

Generate UML diagram

The tsviz package can be used for drawing class diagram of the current code.

To install tsviz:

npm install -g tsviz

There's currently a bug on debian like distribution due to a wrong declaration of graphviz path in the code: https://github.com/joaompneves/tsviz/issues/5 To work around, you can create a link to the good path: sudo ln -s /usr/bin/dot /usr/local/bin/dot

To draw the diagram:

npm run viz

Release policy

Use semantic versioning.

When releasing a Cassiopee (NgHyd) version along with a JaLHyd version, it's discouraged to execute release steps manually, see "Release Policy / Release Script" in NgHyd's README.md

Before releasing a new stable version, one should complete the following files

  • package.json (update "version", or use npm version)

Every stable version should be tagged with both

  • a tag stating compatibility with NgHyd, of the form nghyd_X.Y.Z
  • the stable tag

The stable tag should be set after the NgHyd compatibility tag, so that git describe returns stable (latest tag). There should be at least 1s between the two tag commands, so that date sorting is not confused.

Here are the steps to follow for an example 4.5.0 version

npm version 4.5.0
# commit changes

git tag -fa nghyd_4.5.0
sleep 1
git tag -fa stable
git push --tags --force

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