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Jade React Compiler

Use it in your favourite packaging tool.

var React = require('react');
var jact = require('jade-react-compiler');
// Compile to code 
var js = jact.compileClient('p foobar');
/* Output:
module.exports = function () {
  return React.DOM.p(null, 'foobar');
// Compile to function 
var fn = jact.compile('p foobar');
var Component = React.createClass({ render: fn });
var markup = React.renderComponentToStaticMarkup(new Component());
/* Output:

Usage notes

If there are more than one root nodes, only the last statement is returned. Same for block statements.

Using forEach in code instead of the each block will output nothing (forEach returns nothing).

Filters, mixins, cases and other things not yet implemented.

Inteded to be used as part of a compilation toolchain and not optimized for production use. Compile the files to JavaScript first, then require() them as usual.

Special case for using require

There is a special case for using require that will hoist the declaration to the top of the generated CommonJS module:


- const MyComponent = require('components/my-component')
  if MyComponent
    MyComponent This is a custom component.
    | No component!

Generated JavaScript:

var MyComponent = require("components/my-component");
module.exports = function() {
  return React.DOM.div(null, MyComponent ? MyComponent(null, "This is a custom component.") : "No component!");

Example using the command line tool:

$ ./bin/jade-react-compiler.js -cP <<EOL
> - const MyComponent = require('components/my-component')
> div
>   if MyComponent
>     MyComponent This is a custom component.
>   else
>     | No component!
var MyComponent = require("components/my-component");
module.exports = function() {
  return React.DOM.div(null, MyComponent ? MyComponent(null, "This is a custom component.") : "No component!");

Differences from Jade

React considers values of false to be empty, so they won't be rendered.

If you render a naked text node without a parent node, it will be wrapped in a <span>.

Implementation details

  1. Use Jade to parse the input to Jade AST.
  2. Compile the AST to an intermediate JavaScript format.
  3. Parse the intermediate JavaScript to SpiderMonkey AST using Esprima.
  4. Rectify the SpiderMonkey AST to produce a JavaScript render() function for use with React.
  5. Use UglifyJS to clean up the AST and produce sensible JavaScript.