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Jacasr ======


Jacasr is a library for NodeJS that implements the basics of xmpp protocol

Check out source with

$ git clone git://

npm install jacasr

You can find a full featured application with LePote bot. However this is the basic usage :

var jacasr = require('jacasr');
var conf = {login: 'user',
            password: 'pass',
            domain: ''};
var client = new jacasr.Client(conf);
client.on('message', function (from, message) {
  if (/^hi/i.exec(message)) {
    this.push(from, 'Hi there');
  else if (/^how are you/i.exec(message)) {
    this.push(from, 'Fine and you ?');
  else if (/bye/i.exec(message)) {
    this.push(from, 'Good bye !');

For the full API, take a look at documentation.

Jacasr is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included LICENSE file.