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J316 Translator

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J316 Translator Readme

The J316 Translator is a small application that makes it possible for multilingual worship visitors to read a translation of sermons in his native language. It supports the visitor by understanding and gives him a possibility to ask a quastion or note the translator about difficult sentence or unclear meaning of it.

Info Pages

Quick Functionality overview

  • Quick switching of translation language
  • Translator recieves his own translated text
  • Caching of translations and messages
  • Voice recognition (unstable)
  • Visitors can ask questions and recieve answers
  • Visitors can reask question
  • Multi Translator mode
  • Question acknowligement by answering in multi translator mode
  • Currenly visitios overview
  • Parsing and lookup of bible verses

Wished future features

  • Communication between multiple translators
  • Forwarding of question that was not consumed to the email of responsible person
  • Voice recognision with Yandex Speech API

Known issues

  • Android standard browser dont display icons.
  • Verse parsing is actually hard coded to a single versification system. It leads to wrong lookups by translations that use other versification.