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Dec.03 2012 Version 0.0.4

Deploy this program to jitsu : Rewrite package.json file Rename README file to Fixed charset bug And so on ...

Dec.02 2012 Version 0.0.3

Fixed a serious bug. I am so sorry for that Version 0.0.2 did not working in step 4.

Dec.02 2012 Version 0.0.2

A little interesting now!

1.Run node iTxt.js 2.Launch web browser and open if iTxt.js does not run a web browser automatically 3.Press Keyboard to generate a share link 4.Copy and visit this link

Dec.01 2012 Version 0.0.1

Just a step to get POST data from client.


Develop and test under Ubuntu 12.04 with Firefox 17.0

Happy hacking!