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iTunes: an implementation of the iTunes API in Node.js.

Authored by Garrett Wilkin (

It uses both the iTunes API for retrieving media information and the LinkShare API for generating affiliate links to the iTunes store. See an example in simple-node.js.

Currently, the iTunes API is implemented and tested for searching for album information. A callback function is required in order to use this package. The basic steps to using it are:

  1. Decide that you want to retrieve some media meta data (only albums supported currently)
  2. Write a callback function to process this meta data (display it, store it in a database etc.)
  3. Initialize an instance of iTunes.
  4. Call lookupAlbum supplying the media information (e.g. album name, artist name) and the callback function that will process the result.

A very basic use:

var itunesClient = new iTunes();
itunesClient.lookupAlbum({artist: 'Smashing Pumpkins', album: 'Siamese Dream'}, function(error, album) {
  <callback function definition>

See demo files for a practical examples of the libraries in action.