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IRC connection library for Node.js.

Sets up a connection to an IRC server and then gets out of the way. It doesn't respond to PINGs, doesn't send NICK and USER at the start of the session, et cetera.


$ npm install ircc


Node.js 0.9.8 or above.


var ircc = require('ircc');

var connection = new ircc.Connection();
connection.connect(6667, '');

connection.on('message', function(message) {
  if (message.command === 'PRIVMSG')
    console.log message.parameters[0]+":", message.parameters[1]
    connection.send('PRIVMSGM', message.parameters[0], "HELLO!");

connection.on('connect', function() {
  connection.send('NICK', 'PrawnBoy');
  connection.send('USER', 'prawnboy', 0, 0, 'Insanity Prawn Boy');



var connection = new ircc.Connection();


Connect to an IRC server. Takes the same arguments as socket.connect(...). Throws an error if the connection is already up.


Close the connection. Throws an error if it was already closed.


connection.send(command, [parameters...])

Send a message to the IRC server. The first argument is mandatory and can either be a message object or a string.

If the first argument is an object, no further arguments are expected. If it's a string, it's treated as the command and any further arguments are interpreted as the message parameters.

For example:

connection.send({command: 'KICK', parameters: ['#channel', 'marvin']});
connection.send('PRIVMSG', '#channel', 'Hi there, folks!');

connection.on('message', function(message) {})

Emitted when a message is received from the server. The message is an object, such as:

{ command: 'PART',
  parameters: [ '#channel' ],
  nick: 'nick',
  user: 'user',
  host: 'host',
  type: 'command' }


{ command: 'WELCOME',
   [ 'botname',
     'Welcome to the example IRC network!' ],
  server: '',
  code: '001',
  type: 'reply' }

The type is either 'command', 'reply', 'error' or 'unknown'. If the message was a numeric response, code will be the original command, and command will be a human-readable substitute. For more details, see ircp.

connection.on('connect', function() {})

Emitted once the connection is succesfully set up.

connection.on('close', function() {})

Emitted after the connection is closed.

ircc.ParserStream and ircc.SerializerStream

var serializer = new ircc.SerializerStream();
var parser = new ircc.ParserStream();

These are used internally by Connection. They're Transform streams that form a stream-based interface to ircp's parse and serialize functions. The most common use case is to .pipe() them to a Socket connection to an IRC server:

var socket = net.createConnection(/*...*/);

// The parser emits ircp message objects:
parser.on('readable', function() {
  var message;
  while (var message = {
    console.log(message); // { command: 'WELCOME', parameters: [...etc.

// You can .write() outgoing message objects to the serializer:
var message = {
  command: 'PRIVMSG',
  parameters: [
    'Hi there, folks!'

Note that the SerializerStream doesn't take strings, just message objects.


BSD 2-clause. See LICENSE.