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The JavaScript implementation of the IPLD

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The JavaScript implementation of the IPLD, InterPlanetary Linked-Data

Project Status

We've come a long way, but this project is still in Alpha, lots of development is happening, API might change, beware of the Dragons 🐉.

Want to get started? Check our examples folder. You can check the development status at the js-ipld Waffle Board.

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Tech Lead

Volker Mische

Lead Maintainer

Volker Mische

Table of Contents


> npm install --save ipld


const Resolver = require('ipld')
// You need to create and pass an ipfs-block-service instance
const Resolver = new Resolver(<ipfs-block-service instance>)


.put(node, options, callback)

Store the given node of a recognized IPLD Format.

options is an object that must contain one of the following combinations:

  • cid - the CID of the node
  • hashAlg and format - the hashAlg and the format that should be used to create the CID of the node

callback is a function that should have the signature as following: function (err, cid) {}, where err is an Error object in case of error and cid is the cid of the stored object.

.get(cid [, path] [, options], callback)

Retrieve a node by the given cid or cid + path

options is an optional object containing:

  • localResolve: bool - if true, get will only attempt to resolve the path locally

callback should be a function with the signature function (err, result), the result being an object with:

  • value - the value that resulted from the get
  • remainderPath - If it didn't manage to successfully resolve the whole path through or if simply the localResolve option was passed.

.getStream(cid [, path] [, options])

Same as get, but returns a source pull-stream that is used to pass the fetched node.

.treeStream(cid [, path] [, options])

Returns all the paths under a cid + path through a pull-stream. Accepts the following options:

  • recursive - bool - traverse through links to complete the graph.

.remove(cid, callback)

Remove a node by the given cid

.support.add(multicodec, formatResolver, formatUtil)

Add support to another IPLD Format


Removes support of an IPLD Format


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.





npm i ipld

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