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    Open IoT Edge Server

    An Edge Server is a software device deployed close to systems requiring integration and automation.

    The Open IoT Edge project brings industry leading software into an edge server for integrating and automating business processes with on-site IoT devices.

    The server can be deployed on-site or in the cloud - close to your integrations.

    It uses docker Docker to compose the following components into a full featured edge server:

    • Grafana Grafana - Beautiful analytics, monitoring, and user interface
    • nodered Node-Red - Flow-based automation for the Internet of Things
    • iot-edge IoT-Edge - Device management and automation plugins
    • graphite Graphite - Time-Series database for metrics storage
    • statsd Statsd - Realtime metrics collection and aggregation
    • redis Redis - Performance database, text search, and more
    • loki Loki - Activity database for event and log storage
    • mosquitto Mosquitto - IoT sensor message bus
    • nginx Nginx - Enterprise grade routing, logging, and security

    Quick Start

    First make sure you've installed these prerequisites

    Next, build yourself a server in a new folder

    npm install -g yo generator-edge
    yo edge

    Now start the server

    npm start

    And view it from your browser


    Up Next...

    Visit our documentation pages to get the most from your automation server

    Project Guidelines

    • Fast - Get started, deploy, iterate quickly
    • Open - Built with open source components, free license
    • Secure - Enterprise grade security components
    • Extensible - Stable core with plugin modules for customization
    • Supported - Developer tools and community support forum


    May be freely distributed under the MIT license.

    Copyright (c) 2019 Microclimates and the Open IoT Edge contributors


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