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    Ionic Build plugin

    NOTE: It requires that all development to be done under src/ folder, instead of www/ folder.

    This is an Ionic plugin to build source files. It performs the following operations:

    • Preprocess index.html (see preprocess)
    • Read all *.html templates, lint and converts them to minified javascript files, using $templateCache.put(...)
    • Transforms all templateUrl: 'path/to/template.html' into templateProvider:function($templateCache){return $templateCache.get('path/to/template.html')}
    • Read all .css files from index.html, minifies and concats them into all.min.css (minification is only done when -p flag is set or when -sc flag is set without -p flag)
    • In every .css, replaces ../fonts/ionicons* with ${bowerrc path}/ionic/fonts/ionicons*
    • In every .css, replaces ../fonts/fontawesomeionicons* with ${bowerrc path}/components-font-awesome/fonts/fontawesome*
    • In every .css, replaces ../img/* with img/*
    • Read all .js files from index.html, lints, annotates, minifies and concats them into all.min.js (minification is only done when -p flag is set or when -sc flag is set without -p flag)
    • Skips minification in resources under bower modules and already minified ones
    • Copies all resources from src/ to www/ (images, etc)
    • Replaces all scripts in index.html between <!--startsrc--> and <!--endsrc--> with <script src="all.min.js?v=${new Date().getTime()}"></script>
    • Replaces all links in index.html between <!--startcss--> and <!--endcss--> with <link href="all.min.css?v=${new Date().getTime()}" rel="stylesheet">

    These tasks are executed every time a cordova prepare, phonegap prepare or ionic prepare is executed.

    When the command is phonegap serve it copies all files from src/ to www/ without modifying them and watch for changes in src/ directory, so they are immediately populated to corresponding platform.

    Options: = options.h ||; // Help
        options.production = options.p || || options.production; // Production
        options.debug = options.d || options.debug; // DEBUG
        options.angularDebug = || options['angular-debug']; // ANGULAR_DEBUG
        options.skipLint = || options['skip-lint']; // Skip lint
        options.noFailLint = || options['no-fail-lint']; // Don't fail on javascript/html errors
        options.skipComp = || options['skip-comp']; // Skip compression
        options.verbose = options.vb || options.verb || options.verbose; // Verbose
        options.extendedReport = options.xr || options['extended-report']; // Extended hint reports
        options.skipAll = || options['skip-all']; // Extended hint reports
        options.preprocessResources = options.ppr || options['preprocess-resources']; // Preprocess resources
        options.skipComp = options.production ? options.skipComp : !options.skipComp;
        options.env = options.production ? 'production' : 'development';
        options.concatResources = options.production;
        options.skipHtmlCompression = options.skipHtmlCompression || options.skipComp;
        options.skipResCompression = options.skipResCompression || options.skipComp;
        options.dest = options.dest || 'build';
        global.NODE_ENV = options.env;
        return {
            context: {
                NODE_ENV: options.env,
                DEBUG: (options.debug && options.production)
                    || (!options.debug && !options.production) ? true : undefined,
                ANGULAR_DEBUG: (options.angularDebug && options.production)
                    || (!options.angularDebug && !options.production) ? true : undefined,

    Context variables are used to preprocess index.html.

    This options can be used it like this:

    $ cordova prepare browser -p --skip-lint -nf


    When cordova serve ... is executed, this plugin automatically detects it and watch for file changes. The problem with ionic run browser -l is that it executes cordova run browser untherneath, so no serve can be detected. In this case you can use the -w or -watch flags:

    $ ionic run browser -l -w -nf


    npm i ionic-plugin-build

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