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The dependencies used by the latest version are the same as needed for Ionic 4.0.0. For older versions use:

ionic-logging-viewer Ionic Angular
2.0.0 >= 4.0.0 ^7.0.0
1.0.1 >= 3.9.0 ^5.0.0

The logging viewer is a small component which can be used in your Ionic app for displaying the current logs, written by ionic-logging-service. The viewer is meant for development and testing purposes, not for production.

It provides two components:

  • LoggingViewerComponent:
    can be embedded in any web page using the directive
  • LoggingViewerModalComponent:
    a complete implemented modal containing the LoggingViewerComponent

Additionally, there are two components for filtering the data:

  • LoggingViewerLevelsComponent: allows filtering by log level
  • LoggingViewerSearchComponent: allows filtering by an arbitrary expression

A sample app using these components is ionic-logging-viewer-app.


Logging Modal


npm package

npm install ionic-logging-viewer --save

import module

Import the LoggingViewerModule in to your app.module.ts:

import { LoggingViewerModule } from "ionic-logging-viewer";
  imports: [

LoggingViewerComponent directive

If you want to use the directive in one of your pages, just add


LoggingViewerLevelsComponent and LoggingViewerSearchComponent directives

For filtering the log messages, you can add also these directives to your page. It is recommended to include them in ion-toolbar, but it is not necessary:


LoggingViewerModalComponent modal

public async openModal()Promise<void> {
  let componentProps = { language: this.selectedLanguage };
  const modal = await this.modalController.create({
    component: LoggingViewerModalComponent,
    componentProps: componentProps
  await modal.present();

multi language support

The LoggingViewerComponent does not need multi language support, since it just displays the logged data. The same applies to LoggingViewerLevelsComponent and LoggingViewerSearchComponent.

But for the LoggingViewerModalComponent, multi language support is needed, since the modal contains some translatable texts. Therefore, loggingViewerModalManager.openModal() has a language parameter, which you can use to select the language. Currently en and de are supported.

If you need another language, either open an issue, or just use the translation parameter. This parameter you can use to pass your completely own texts. Just fill the LoggingViewerTranslation object.


see API documentation.


npm i ionic-logging-viewer

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