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Application preferences plugin for Cordova 3+

Why you should use this plugin?

  • Cordova + Promise interface out of the box
  • Supports many platforms (Android, iOS/macOS, Windows and local storage fallback)
  • Have tests (iOS: iOS and browser status, Android: Android status, Windows: Windows status, Browser: iOS and browser status)
  • Supports simple and complex data structures
  • Supports removal of the keys
  • Have preference pane generator for application (for Android and iOS) and can show native preferences
  • (Untested) reference change notification #37
  • (Untested) named preferences files for android and iOS suites #97
  • (Untested) synchronized preferences via iCloud or windows roaming #75


From plugin registry:

$ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-app-preferences

From the repo:

$ cordova plugin add

From a local clone:

$ cordova plugin add /path/to/

More information: Command-line Interface Guide.

Using Plugman to Manage Plugins.


function ok (value) {}
function fail (error) {}

var prefs = plugins.appPreferences;

// cordova interface

// store key => value pair (ok, fail, 'key', 'value');

// store key => value pair in dict (see notes) (ok, fail, 'dict', 'key', 'value');

// fetch value by key (value will be delivered through "ok" callback)
prefs.fetch (ok, fail, 'key');

// fetch value by key from dict (see notes)
prefs.fetch (ok, fail, 'dict', 'key');

// remove value by key
prefs.remove (ok, fail, 'key');

// show application preferences (ok, fail);

// instead of cordova interface you can use promise interface
// you'll receive promise when you won't pass function reference
// as first and second parameter

// fetch the value for a key using promise
prefs.fetch ('key').then (ok, fail);


// support for iOS suites or android named preference files (untested)
var suitePrefs = prefs.suite ("suiteName");
suitePrefs.fetch (...); (...);

// store preferences in synchronized cloud storage for iOS and windows
var cloudSyncedPrefs = prefs.cloudSync ();
cloudSyncedPrefs.fetch (...); (...);


  1. Native execution on iOS/macOS using NSUserDefaults — docs for iOS / macOS
  2. Native execution on Android using android.content.SharedPreferencesdocs
  3. Native execution on Windows Universal Platform using Windows.Storage.ApplicationDatadocs
  4. Native execution on Windows Phone 7 using IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettingsdocs
  5. Execution on BlackBerry10 fallback using localStorage


  1. iOS, macOS, Android and Windows Phone basic values (string, number, boolean) are stored using typed fields.
  2. Complex values, such as arrays and objects, are always stored using JSON notation.
  3. Dictionaries are supported on iOS and Windows 8 only, so on other platforms instead of using the real dictionary a composite key will be written like <dict>.<key>
  4. On iOS/macOS dictionaries just a key, so ('dict', 'key', value) and ('dict', {'key': value}) have same meaning (but different result).


Tests are available in src/test.js. After installing plugin you can add test code from this file and then launch testPlugin() function.

  • iOS pass locally, Travis: iOS and browser status
  • Android pass locally, CircleCI: Android status
  • BlackBerry 10 pass locally
  • Windows Phone 8 tests pass locally, Appveyor: Windows status
  • Browser pass locally, Travis: iOS and browser status

Module update for cordova < 5.x

Please note that plugin id is changed for npm publishing, so if you used this plugin before cordova@5.0.0, you'll have to reinstall it:

$ cordova plugin rm $ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-app-preferences

Show Preference pane

If you have generated preferences, you can programmatically show preference pane (Android and iOS at this time). On Android your application show native interface for preferences, on iOS you'll be switched to the with application preferences opened for you. Either way, you must listen for Cordova resume event to perform preferences synchronization.

Preferences interface generator

Preferences generator installed along with plugin and run every time when you prepare you cordova app.

After plugin installation you can find file app-settings.json within your app folder.

If you want to disable this functionality, please remove app-settings.json.

iOS note: if you have Settings.bundle from external source or previous version of generator cordova prepare will fail. Current version of preference generator trying not to rewrite existing Settings.bundle if it is not generated by plugin. It is save to remove Settings.bundle if it came from previous version of plugin.

Supported controls for iOS:

  • group
  • combo
  • switch
  • textfield

Supported controls for Android:

  • group
  • combo
  • switch - not tested
  • textfield - not tested

TODO: Preferences UI for Windows Phone (guide, docs)


Original version for iOS:

Another android implementation for cordova 2.x:

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