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    Simply flips LTR-based CSS file to RTL, or the opposite, in pure javascript, using a bunch of regular expressions. Can be both used on the server-side with Node.js, or client-side. This package has been inspired by Google's great CSSJanus.

    Basic Usage

    var inverter = require('inverter');
      , inverted_css = inverter.invert('.some_css_class { margin: 8px 3px 9px 2px; float: left; }')

    You may optionally want to prevent some filters from running:

    var inverter = require('inverter');
      , inverted_css = inverter.invert(myCSS, {exclude: ['fixGradient']))

    Inverter will

    • fixLeftRight: Replace left with right and the opposite, but:

      • No replacement will be made between parentheses (background-image: url(bright-left.png) will be left intact)
      • No replacement will be made in selectors (.block-left { […] } will be left intact)
    • fixBodyDirection: Replace direction: ltr with direction: rtl and the opposite, only for the body tag

    • fixCursor: Replace, for example, cursor: nw-resize with cursor: ne-resize

    • fixBorderRadius: Fix border-radius definitions, so border-radius: 5px 2px 4px / 9px 2px will become border-radius: 2px 5px 2px 4px / 2px 9px

    • fixFourPartNotation: Fixes four part notation, so, for example, border: 1px 2px 3px 4px will be rewritten to border: 1px 4px 3px 2px. As it can interfere with fixBorderRadius, border-radius is explicitely excluded from the scope of this fix

    • fixGradient: Fixes most common CSS gradient definitions. This fix will replace left with right, XXXdeg with -XXXdeg and the opposites inside gradients.

    • fixUrlLeftRight: Changes URLs containing a standalone left or right. For example, url(menu-right.png) will be changed to url(menu-left.png), but url(menu-bright.png) will be left intact.

    • fixUrlLtrRtl: Same as fixUrlLeftRight, but for ltr and rtl.


    Add a fix for background images.


    This package is tested using Mocha. To run the tests, run npm install inside the package directory to install development dependencies, and then simply make test.




    npm i inverter

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