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Easily get useful date-related information in JavaScript (uses browser built-in Intl API).


This package exports both a Vanilla JavaScript function (intlDates) and a custom React hook (useIntlDates); each of which return an object (dates) containing commonly used, date-related data. Each can also be passed an options object to further customize the way the date information comes back.



See the extended documentation for usage details and examples.

Feature List

This list includes current and planned features. Check the issues page for a more exhaustive look at what features are being added and where they stand in the development process.

  • [x] No dependencies, simply JavaScript code
  • [x] This package offers a VanillaJS and custom React hook option
  • [x] Options object accepts locale property to specify a locale/language for Intl to use
  • [x] Options object accepts date property to get back data based on a specific date (default is current day).
  • [x] Accounts for leap years when getting date information.
  • [x] Options object accepts weekStartsOn property to make Monday the start of the week (default is Sunday)

Why offer VanillaJS and hook options?

The functionality in this package is very simple and could easily be exported only as a plain (vanilla) JavaScript function and be used in any project, including React. However, having the logic wired up as a custom React hook makes it conform more to React principles and best practices as it uses the useState and useEffect hooks internally, allowing the data to re-run only when needed (example: if you are dynamically feeding the options object and that information changes).

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