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interpolate - Simple JavaScript string interpolation

A simple interpolate function for JavaScript. It is just based on simple RegExp and String#replace so mostly useful when you have simple use cases and want something quick and dirty. Don't use it as a template tool unless it really is just something tiny.


var interpolate = require('interpolate');
var result = interpolate('{greeting}! I am {name}.', {
  greeting: 'Hello',
  name: 'Gilles'
console.log(result); // 'Hello! I am Gilles.' 

You can change the delimiter from the simple { } to something else, such as {{ }} or <% %>. Just pass in the new delimiter in the options. N.B. the start and end delimiter need to have the same length.

var interpolate = require('interpolate');
var result = interpolate('<%greeting%>! I am <%name%>.', {
  greeting: 'Hello',
  name: 'Gilles'
}, { delimiter: '<%%>' });
console.log(result); // 'Hello! I am Gilles.' 

See tests for some more advanced usage, i.e. with arrays, objects, etc.


you can install interpolate with

   npm install interpolate


To run the tests, you need to run npm install in the root of the module.

Either run make or npm test to run the tests and see the spec.

Release notes: 0.1.0 - initial release