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Interplanetary Tracker

Keep a registry of your versioned items in ipfs on your local machine, and publish a list of the items to your ipns.

I can see a couple of uses for this. My own use is to keep track of little front-end projects that I make and provide myself and others with a quick way of linking to them all, including all of their versions. This comes with the added advantage that the page with these links will be permanantly addressed and hopefully available.

Another use I could envisage would be for a blog on ipfs. Write your posts, add them and generate a home page for these posts, with the ability to update and version your posts if you ever need to


Create the hidden ipfsprojects folder and store the basics. This is where all the things will go.

iptr init

Add a new item. itemname will be used to refer to multiple versions of the same thing, so could be a blog post title, a project name, or anything else you could think of.

iptr add <itemname> <pathname> <versionname>

open the latest version of a project name in the browser, or if a version name is provided, open that version.

iptr open <projectname> [versionname]

List the items currently available, or if an item name is provided list the versions available.

iptr list [itemname]

Publish your list of items as a HTML document to your ipns

ipfsprojects publish