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InterMine Results Tables

The data display library for InterMine web-applications.

This library provides a highly functional data exploration and download tool suitable for embedding into any website. It requires an InterMine data-warehouse to communicate with for data, and a modern web-browser for efficient display.

This set of user interface tools would not be possible without the fantastic set of open source web development tools available today. We are extremely grateful to benefit from the hard work put into the development of:

  • CoffeeScript
  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • Bootstrap
  • underscore
  • FontAwesome
  • d3

This library is also open source, being freely available under the LGPL licence.

Issues & Support

For help and support, the developers may be contacted at:

For a public bug tracker, please visit the github issues tracker:


This library is designed to be customised by end users, in every aspect from its stylesheets and text strings, to the code that defines the behaviour of individual components. Please see the file CUSTOMISING for details on how to get started.


Please see the CONTRIBUTING file included in this distribution for details of how to start developing this library.


The development work for this library was funded by the NIH and the Wellcome Trust as part of the IterMOD model organism datamine project. It is one of the constituent components of the InterMine data-warehouse system.


The copyright on this work is help by Alex Kalderimis and