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Intelli-Chilli Node.js Client


var Client = require('intelli-chilli-client');
var c = new Client({address : ''});
  //handle err 
  console.log('The current temp is: ',state.currentTemp);


npm install intelli-chilli-client


var Client = require('intelli-chilli-client');


Client class must be supplied with a options object.

opts.address Ip address of device. Default :

opts.port Port to communicate with device. Default: 3000

opts.timeout Default timeout in ms when waiting for acks. Default 500


Closes underlying dgram socket.


Sets the number of minutes the device should run for before turning off. By default the time is set to zero meaning it will run until manually turned off.

time must be between 0 and 1440 (24hours).

**Note:**If currently cooking this command resets the amount of time on the clock. Therefore it run for the amount of time given when the command is received.


Sets the desired cook temperature in celsius.

tempC is between 0 and 120c.


Start the cook with the current settings. If cook time and cook temp are not set they use their defaults.


Stops the current cook. Turns off heater. And resets cook time and temp to defaults.


Sends a reset command to the device to reboot it.


Returns the current state of the device.

Callback is a function(err,state) state is defined as:

state.cookTime The amount of time the device was set to cook for. 0 is indefinite.

state.cookTimeLeft The amount of time remaining in the cook.

state.cookTemp The desired cook temperature.

state.currentTemp The current temperature.

state.lidState 0=Lid is closed. 1=Lid is opened. True or false if the device is currently cooking.

state.heaterOn True or false if heater is currently powered on.

Sends a ping packet to device and waits for an ack.