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InstantLoadJS is a JavaScript library to speed up your site.

How does it work?

InstantLoad makes your website a one-page website by preloading the next page on your website when hovering a link. When the user clicks the link, the already loaded page replaces the current one with an instant transition. In addition InstantLoadJS offers seamless loading animations to make your website look even more modern.





npm i instant-load


Place the InstantLoad script on the bottom of your webpage, before any other scripts, like this:

<script src="/path/to/instantload.min.js" instantload-blacklist></script>

After adding the instantload.min.js script to your site, you'll need to initialize the library by adding this script after it:

<script instantload-blacklist>InstantLoad.init();</script>

It's important to keep the instantload-blacklist attribute on the scripts above.


InstantLoad offers high level customizations via it's config. You can pass your settings through the InstantLoad.init() function, like this:

InstantLoad.init({reloadPagesOnPopstate: false, loadingStyle: InstantLoad.configOptions.loadingStyles.circle});

Full list of config options

Config property name Type Description
reloadPagesOnPopstate boolean If true, on pressing the back/forward button, the target page will be reloaded.
Default: false
loadingStyle InstantLoad.configOptions.loadingStyles Customize the loading transition.
Possible values:
- bar
- blink
- circle
- invisible
Default: bar

More coming soon...


The InstantLoad object returns some useful values. Let's take a look at them!


This will initialize the InstantLoad script and start speeding up you site


This will return the current config for the library. You can also use it to change the config, after initializing InstantLoad.

InstantLoad.on('eventType', callback)

Used to add your own events to InstantLoad. More belove


This will return the history of your site, after initializing the library.


This stores the options for different config elements


Check if InstantLoad had been initialized

Blacklisting scripts

If you don't want your scripts to get re-inserted and re-initialized, you will find the instantload-blacklist attribute really useful. Add it to your scripts to blacklist it from InstantLoad, like this:

<script src="/path/to/my/script.js" instantload-blacklist></script>

Event Handling

InstantLoad has it's own events, and you can listen to them like this:

InstantLoad.on('change', function(event) {console.log('Page changed', event)});

Event types

Event type Return values Description
init eventType: init
trackedElements: All preloadable elements
Occurs after the initialization of InstantLoad
preload eventType: preload Occurs before preloading a page, when hovering a link
postload eventType: postload
success: Whether the request was successful
message: Request message
Occurs after preloading a page, when hovering a link
change eventType: change
popstateEvent: Whether the change was triggered by the back/forward arrows or not
Occurs after changing the page

Customize the loading styles

You can configure the different loading styles via CSS. You can find the CSS selectors to use above.

Selector Element
#instantload-bar The loading line of the bar styled loading
#instantload-whiteScreen The blink styled loading's layer
#instantload-circle The circle styled spinner loading's container
#instantload-circle-spinner The circle styled loading's spinner

Why did I make this library?

I was working on a project of mine, and I wanted to use the well-known instantclick.io library, but I realized, that while it is great and very much useful, it lacks some customizations I'd like to use and it is a bit buggy.

So I sat down and wrote my own version of it.

Hope you like it :) Thank you for the inspiration instantclick


You are more than welcome contributing to the library.

Make sure to do npm install, after cloning the repository to install UglifyJs as a devDependency. Use this command to minify:

uglifyjs instantload.js --output instantload.min.js --mangle --source-map

Please make a pull request if you have implemented something new




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