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Instagram Id To URL Segment

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Instagram has 2 types of IDs that they use for their posts. One is used in the URLs (it looks like 5n7dDmhTr3) and the other is used internally in their undocumented API (it looks like 1038059720608660215).

I didn't think that they would maintain 2 unrelated IDs for each post, just for the purpose of a shorter URL, so I investigated whether or not they were related. It turns out you can convert between them pretty easily (especially in languages where we don't represent integers as floats - like Python).


Note: the id must be passed in as a string. If it was passed as a number then it would be severely rounded.


{instagramIdToUrlSegmenturlSegmentToInstagramId} = require 'instagram-id-to-url-segment'
console.log(instagramIdToUrlSegment('1038059720608660215')) # 5n7dDmhTr3 
console.log(urlSegmentToInstagramId('5n7dDmhTr3')) # 1038059720608660215 


var ref, urlSegmentToInstagramId, instagramIdToUrlSegment;
ref = require('instagram-id-to-url-segment')
instagramIdToUrlSegment = ref.instagramIdToUrlSegment
urlSegmentToInstagramId = ref.urlSegmentToInstagramId;
console.log(instagramIdToUrlSegment('1038059720608660215')); // 5n7dDmhTr3 
console.log(urlSegmentToInstagramId('5n7dDmhTr3')); // 1038059720608660215