Dashboard to expose the health and properties of applications running in production


Provides a dashboard that collates information from multiple deployed web application nodes into a single view. Insight relies on web applications exposing their configuration properties as a resource, which provides status information as JSON.


A request to http://mywebapp:8080/internal/status.json

could respond with a collection of properties:

{ "application-version" : "1.0.3", "git-commit" : "c7b43bdb9b92a763c8b8", "username" : "user", "last-deployed": "16th Feb, 10:45am" }


Insight is configured as follows:

    "environments": {
        "Staging": {
            "urls":["a", "b"]
        "Showcase": {
            "urls":["c", "d"]
        "Prod": {
            "urls":["e", "f"]

The only dependency for using Insight is nodejs which can be downloaded here

1. git clone
2. config the app in config/config.json
3. node support/stub.server.js  (Provides several stub servers that expose property values)
4. node lib/insight.js 
5. Insight will be running on http://localhost:3000