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Your search over!

  • Do you need a fast and seriously cryptography?
  • Do you think that MD6 is too old (and poor) and want something like the finalists of the CHAC (Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Competition) of NIST for SHA3?
  • Do you use the NodeJS, knows that there is good libraries out there, but what you really want is something cutting edge?

So relax, because your dream was realized! :)

What's insanehash?

The lastest SHA3 cryptographic hash algorithm from NIST Hash Competition 1 2 based on Chris Drost implementation writed in Javascript and for NodeJS


  • BLAKE, by Aumasson, Henzen, Meier, and Phan
  • BMW (Blue Midnight Wish), by Gligoroski, Klima, Knapskog, El-Hadedy, Amundsen, and MjĂžlsnes
  • CubeHash, by Dan Bernstein.
  • Keccak, by Bertoni, Daemen, Peeters, and van Assche
  • Shabal, by Bresson, Canteaut, Chevalier-Mames, Clavier, Fuhr, Gouget, Icart, Misarsky, Plasencia, Paillier, Pornin, Reinhard, Thuillet, and Videau
  • Skein, by Bellare, Callas, Ferguson, Kohno, Lucks, Schneier, Walker, and Whiting
  • Half Skein, a 32-bit Skein-256-256 (non-compliant) version

How to use?

Requiring the module:

  1. npm install insanehash --save
  2. var ih = require('insanehash');
  3. Calling each algorithm will return the hash:
  • ih.blake32('Hi!'); returns 'ceb42cb8ab21fe511b85ecd74933b9f4aafa4d1c67da0778b69e375245942314'
  • ih.shabal('Hi!'); returns '0427065214b9a8ea2d79c73a1a2d02ea3f9c4f71d4c73a30ad2c0bc8b1c172d9'
  •'Hi!'); returns '44fe7f399277b09b8e892a80522b833703abacd5fc7f71da6db96999ca4bdb06'
  • ih.skein('Hi!'); returns '6dbe952ab5ec3bf45a82887953953e3220e1eab7ae9069ae548ac8561691378993210ca0cb0666656614ef858fca9893a9bb6fe149dca792c910d6518aecdd30'
  • ih.cubehash('Hi!'); returns 'a206bffa3c77a6410270f061e6b264fd79d1a997c06d444ee1bba42cff2b66d3'
  • ih.halfskein('Hi!'); returns '39edf053bf6be95f1af2476f83fbf9b71fa0e3188361def18c879a9f09370f8a'
  • ih.keccak('Hi!'); returns '22dd5d47d9cb35a05e3022a7bac1a39547da7b303aba89cbe9205046d1f0762c'

Installing globally:

Note: Use single quotes for the text!

  1. npm install -g insanehash
  2. insanehash -h check all available options
  3. insanehash -b 'Hi!' returns 'ceb42cb8ab21fe511b85ecd74933b9f4aafa4d1c67da0778b69e375245942314'
  4. insanehash --blake32 'Hi!' returns 'ceb42cb8ab21fe511b85ecd74933b9f4aafa4d1c67da0778b69e375245942314'

What's about tests?

Clone this repository and choose your flavor (GNU Make, NPM or direct):

  • To run both CLI and package tests:
    • make test
    • npm run test
  • To run only CLI tests:
    • make testCLI
    • npm run test:cli
    • ./
    • sh
  • To run only package tests:
    • make testPackage
    • npm run test:package
    • ./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha test.js


  • should be 755. If don't just run chmod a+x
  • make requires GNU Make
  • package test requires Mocha