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Inline Docs

Embed markdown documentation in code.

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Ideally, documentation and code are written in parallel. Good code is self-explanitory as far as the "what" is concerned. Documentation is a way to record the "why". Linking related parts together helps other developers understand how the system meets business needs and fits together as a whole.


npm install -g inline-docs

Running from CLI

Run inline-docs > docs.html in your project's root directory. Creates docs like

See Command line interface for more options.

Running from javascript

See Module entry point for API details.

Getting started

Writing docs

  • all documentation is written in markdown format. You can do this either in a .md file, or embed a markdown document within the comments of a source code file.

  • markdown documents will only be used if they pass some basic validation rules. See Validating markdown documents for details.


  • every level-1 and level-2 heading becomes a link anchor.
  • to link to a level-1 heading use the heading text in brackets like [[Heading text goes here]]. This will be converted to an html hyperlink when the final docs are generated.
  • linking to level-2 headings works the same, except with two parts [[Heading text goes here][And subheading here]]

Refining sources

  • You may come across cases where you want to exclude certain files from being parsed by inline-docs (eg. to avoid junk in your docs).
  • To exclude a single file, add the /* inline-docs:ignore */ directive to the top of the file.
  • To exclude a set of files, override the patterns defined at Module entry point: Default options.





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