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A simple interface that clones or copies skeletons. skeleton is a base repo for your application (any technology).

init-skeleton currently just clones or copies the repository, executes npm install and bower install and removes .git directory. Useful for Brunch and Grunt base repos (skeletons).

grunt-init is similar, except it requires to clone projects to home directory before initialising from it.

Supported formats:

  • File system
  • Git URI
  • GitHub URI (gh:user/project, github:user/project)

Install with npm: npm install init-skeleton.


const initSkeleton = require('init-skeleton').init;
initSkeleton('skeleton').then(() => {
  • options:
    • rootPath - String, root path of the result directory
    • commandName: String, defaults to init-skeleton
    • logger: console.{log,error}-compatible logger.


MIT (c) 2016 Paul Miller (