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This infrastructure plugin listens for 'models' field in infrastructure config object.

The field should be object of type {path:"/path", host:'host',port:1234,db:"dbname",options:{...}} The last if for future usage - will be possible to load multiple database/ORM plugins in one application.

Usage: Install: npm install infrastructure-mongoose in app: var infrastructure=require("infrastructure"); var infrastructure_mongoose = require("infrastructure-mongoose");


var config = require("./config.js"); //config.models is path to file or directory (all files will be loaded in it)

var app_extensions = {error:function(msg){throw new Error(msg);}};, app_extensions. function(app){
  //App.models id object with mongoose model classes

Adds app.models as result.

Define schema: module.exports = { Person:{ plugin: require("mongoose-plugin-package") //or plugins:[ require("mongoose-plugin-package"), require("mongoose-plugin-package2"), require("mongoose-plugin-package3") ], //Both - plugin and plugins array members can be object {plugin:require(...), options:{...}} methods:{ method1: function(){...}, method2: function(){...} }, static:{ staticMethod1: function(){} },

    field1: "String", 
    field2: ["Number"],
    friends: ["Person"] // Relation