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Heading  InferJS: Overview

A package of InferJS tools, designed for runtime checking of JavaScript types and narrowing through expectations.

Heading  InferJS: npm Package Contents

Heading  InferJS: Installation

Here are the different options for installing the latest InferJS package with npm.

Install Locally

npm install inferjs --save

Install Globally

npm install -g inferjs

Optional: If you would like to download the package source code with git:

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

InferJS Example

Heading  InferJS-Library: Package Overview

InferJS-Library allows you to easily add runtime type checking by utilizing JSDoc multi-line comments in both client and server side JavaScript. The library is part of the package named InferJS.

InferJS is provided with an InferJS-Compiler. The compiler interprets your JSDoc comments from your source code and compiles them into an InferObject file, that you can import into any JavaScript file.

With this library, you can also enable extended type checking and narrow down your data types with @infer expectation rules.

To view the repo and doumentation for the InferJS-Library.

Heading  InferJS-Compiler: Package Overview

A compiler that processes JSDoc comments into an InferObject file, for utilizing with the InferJS-Library. The InferJS-Compiler is part of a bigger project called InferJS. The compiler can be used for other third party projects, that may need to interpret JSDoc comments into JSON type files.

To view the repo and doumentation for the InferJS-Compiler.

Heading  InferJS-Doc-Builder: Package Overview

A custom JSDoc builder that includes InferJS type definitions. (Coming Soon...)

Heading  InferJS: Roadmap

  • [ Summer 2023 ] - Develop a custom JSDoc builder that incorporates InferJS definitions.
  • [ April 2023 ] - Create a plan for text localization with the InferJS repo.
  • [ March 2023 ] - First Release Date - Possible
  • [ Feb 2023 ] - Make Distributon Plan and Library Versioning for browser with Webpack and Terser for JS minification.
  • [ Jan 25, 2023 ] - Under Development and Testing

Heading  InferJS: Change Log

This will be moved to versioning record per each repo...

  • [ Feb 26, 2023] - Combine all InferJS tools into one npm package.

  • [ Feb 12, 2023 ] - Built a logger class for managing console logging of CLI InferJS-Compiler. Built a starting help menu system.

  • [ Feb 11, 2023 ] - Working on assertion test scripts for both InferJS-Library and InferJS-Compiler. Opted for using Nodejs test runner.

  • [ Feb 10, 2023 ] - Adding output module type for InferJS-Compiler. Param -output-file-options-module accepts ( esmodule | commonjs | script ). Defaults to esmodule.

  • [ Feb 9, 2023 ] - Creating package.json files per project InferJS-Library and InferJS-Compiler. Also adding a global package.json for whole InferJS repo, depending on the needs of the developer. Adding clean, build and test scripts to packpage.json.

  • [ Feb 8, 2023 ] - Building v0.0.2 of InferJS-Library. Library was not returning exception properly. Modified check() method to throw by default and return if param(returnException) is set to true.

  • [ Feb 7, 2023 ] - Building live example on website.

  • [ Jan 31, 2023 ] - Built package.json with build commands for webpack configs, to automate the building and versioning of the library. Updated with processes.

  • [ Jan 30, 2023 ] - Restructing InferJSCompiler for version package releases. Dist folder will conatin two sub folders, latest and versions.

  • [ Jan 29, 2023 ] - Changing the main InferJS repo structure to isolate projects and versioning. Redefined error type InferRuleError to InferExpectError.

  • [ Jan 27, 2023 ] - Added in InferJS-Compiler actions parse-list, parse-file-list. Removed bugs found in InferJS-Compiler and setup testing per action in .vscode launch and task files.

  • [ Jan 26, 2023 ] - Added in extended type checking to infer types. Updated InferJS-Compiler with terminal command argument processing.

Heading  InferJS: Contributing

Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

Inside each package has information about contributing.


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.

Heading  InferJS: Support Related

Heading  InferJS: Acknowledgments

  • Codevendor - Thanks to developer: Adam Smith for creating InferJS.
  • JSDoc - Thanks to Michael Mathews and Gabriel Reid for creating JSDoc.
  • Bunting Labs - Thanks to Brendan Ashworth, for transferring Ownership of npm Package name inferjs.

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