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Indoqa Webpack


Webpack is a low-level build tool for Javascript web applications. In our opinion too low-level to be maintained in each of our projects. Since we found out that our webpack configurations are in huge parts identical, we started indoqa-webpack which can be configured delcaratively.


The goal of indoqa-webpack is supporting following use cases:

  • create production-ready release artifacts (Javascript, CSS)
  • provide a hot-reloadable development server using express
  • support for Javascript libraries and make use of externals
  • out-of-the-box usage for Jest tests
  • out-of-the-box configuration of ESLint using eslint-config-indoqa
  • hide webpack configurations and provide a declarative configuration
  • simple upgrade path to newer versions of indoqa-webpack


Production build

TBD (es6, pollyfills, css extraction, usage, ref to sample)

Dev mode

TBD (dev server, hot-reload, usage, ref to sample)

Building libraries

TBD (externals, peer dependencies, .npmignore, usage, ref to sample)

Setting up a playground (usually for libraries)

TBD (usage, ref to sample)


TBD (directory structure, usage, ref to sample)

ESLint configuration

TBD (usage, ref to sample)


  • Webpack 2 support
  • preset env
  • cache-loader