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    Imprimatur JS

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    Imprimatur JS is a modern JavaScript Content Management System.

    It is based on MEAN.JS code rewritten using ES6 and AngularJS replaced by ReactJS and Reflux.

    It also has enterprise-level admin panel on top of reworked Engine concept of site structure objects handler.


    The fastest way to get started is to run Imprimatur JS with grunt:


    Running in a secure environment

    To run your application in a secure manner you'll need to use OpenSSL and generate a set of self-signed certificates. Unix-based users can use the following command:

    $ sh ./scripts/

    Windows users can follow instructions found here. After you've generated the key and certificate, place them in the config/sslcerts folder.


    The main purpose of this repository is to continue to evolve Imprimatur JS core, making it faster and easier to use. If you're interested in helping with that, then keep reading. If you're not interested in helping right now that's ok too. :) Any feedback you have about using Imprimatur JS would be greatly appreciated.

    Building Your Copy of Imprimatur JS

    The process to build imprimaturjs is built entirely on top of node.js, using many libraries you may already be familiar with.


    • You have node installed at v0.10.0+ or iojs installed at v1.2.0+ (it might work at lower versions, we just haven't tested).
    • You are familiar with npm and know whether or not you need to use sudo when installing packages globally.
    • You are familiar with git.


    Once you have the repository cloned, building a copy of imprimaturjs is really easy.

    # grunt-cli is needed by grunt; you might have this installed already 
    npm install -g grunt-cli
    npm install
    grunt build


    We use grunt to automate many tasks. Run grunt -h to see a mostly complete listing. The important ones to know:

    # Build and run tests 
    grunt test
    # Lint the code with ESLint 
    grunt lint
    # Wipe out build directory 
    grunt clean


    Imprimatur JS is a free and open source community-driven project.

    Thanks to the following companies and projects whose work we have used or taken inspiration from in the making of Imprimatur JS:


    npm i imprimaturjs

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