node package manager


nodejs backend for impactjs (


Initial Setup

  1. Create the folder that you want impact to be installed into for your game
  2. Move into that folder from the terminal
  3. Issue the command: npm install impact-fork
  4. Copy "tools", "media" and "lib" directories from impact.js into node_modules/impact-fork/game/public (get impact.js here:
  5. Move into the node_modules/impact-fork/ directory (this will be your home directory for your game from now on basically)
  6. Run the command: npm start (you will see some output ending in "app listening on port 8080")
  7. Open a web browser and browse to "http://localhost:8080/"
  8. If you are starting with a fresh copy of impact, you will simply see a black square with the words "It Works!" inside


Periodically, you should check for updates to the library. To do this (and update), just issue the command:

npm update impact-fork