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Immutable functions

This library provides a wrapper around the package immutable exposing the same API but adding static functions to the data types that are exactly the same as the ones in immutable but accepting the object to act on as the last argument.


This package has immutable as its peer dependency, so you have to install it too.

npm install --save immutable immutable-fns


Check out immutable's API, this library provides exactly the same but the object methods have been converted into static methods on the class taking the object to act on as the last argument.

For example:

// On the immutable-js api 
// Added on this library 
Immutable.Map.get('key', map)


var Immutable = require('immutable-fns');
var get = Immutable.Map.get;
// Create an immutable data structure 
var m = Immutable.Map({a: 1});
// We can use the traditional api (obj.method(param)) or use the functional API 
// (fn(...params, obj)) 
assert.equal(m.get('a'), get('a', m));