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    It's npm tool based on API which allows you to minify all images under the folder you navigated to in Windows command line or Unix terminal.

    Installation & Usage

    Tool must be installed globally to be used.

    1. Inatall node.js and npm from here
    2. Get Your API key from
    3. Run npm install -g img-tinyfy
    4. Set API key img-tinyfy setkey Your API KEY HERE for example : img-tinyfy setkey AFFfSGgH35FFDs56
    5. Navigate to folder with your images with cd command
    6. Run img-tinyfy

    After step 5 all png and jpg images in current directory and it's subdirectories will get optimized.

    Setting different output directory

    If you wish your optimized images to land in different directory than your current one, you can set output absolute path before running step 5 mentioned above with the following command:

    img-tinyfy setpath path/to/output/dir

    for exmple :

    img-tinyfy setpath D:\images\output

    on Windows or simple forward slashes in UNIX, just copy a path from your file explorer.

    Images will be copied to the output directory preserving original folder structure.

    If you wish to disable output directory and return to the original behaviour with optimizing images in your current folder run:

    img-tinyfy setpath false

    Note: you have 500 images per month to optimize for free, you have to pay to get more images optimized per 1 month.

    To get info about how much images you already optimized this month run the following command:

    img-tinyfy count

    For example:

    img-tinyfy count

    Advanced options

    Starting at version 1.1.0 img-tinyfy has support for giant image folders optimization.

    Important Note: Different output directory is recommended for big image catalog processing, also setpath should point to folder on the same disc partition to avoid unpredictable issues.


    img-tinyfy limits number of images processed at once with iterationNumber option which is 25 images per iteration, by default.


    After iteration first started plugin will wait till period of time passes iterationCheckInterval (60000 milliseconds by default, which is 1 minute), when this time is out plugin checks if 25(by default) images was optimized without errors,

    If so next iteration starts,

    if not all images is processed yet, or there are corrupt images which can not be processed img-tinyfy will wait for another iterationCheckInterval and so on, till it reaches iterationTimeout


    If there is still not optimized images after iterationTimeout period of time has passed since the start of current iteration,

    Which is usually caused by this images being corrupt or network connection errors(which can occur when to many images are sent for processing at once ...controlled by iterationNumber)

    img-tinyfy will move this not optimized images into notProcessed folder under your current cd directory,

    Which you can use after to fix corrupt images or run optimization on images which was not processed for the first time for some reason.

    notProcessed folder will preserve the folder structure images had before optimization,

    So after you fix issues you can merge them with images which was optimized first time with simple drag and drop.

    Important Note: remember that notProcessed folder will appear in your cd folder, so keep that in mind when you run img-tinyfy on the same folder again.

    Error logs

    Any errors which appear while optimization is in progress is written to img_tinyfy_error.log file which will be created under your current cd directory.

    Not Processed images log

    After iterationTimeout has passed on current optimization iteration, aside from being moved to notProcessed directory img_tinyfy_corrupt_images.log file will appear under your cd directory with info about every image which was not optimized in current iteration.

    Setters for Advanced options

    Important Note: Before you do any change to this options please keep in mind that iterationTimeout should always be bigger than iterationCheckInterval.

    And too big iterationNumber can cause network connection errors, node EMFILE: too many open files error and other issues.

    If you wish to experiment with this options to adjust tool to your network connection or make optimization faster please keep it in mind.

    Also consider that smaller iterationNumber results in less connection errors and issues.


    Setter for iterationCheckInterval

    Example: img-tinyfy setchecktime 60000


    Setter for iterationTimeout

    Example: img-tinyfy settimeout 180000


    Setter for iterationNumber

    Example: img-tinyfy setiteration 25

    Helper for internet connection loss

    Is you are optimizing a big catalog of images, which can take some time and cost some money, you might be concerned about internet connection loss,

    Normally if you have optimized 700 images and have 2000 more to go net connection loss can cause trouble because even with not optimized images in notProcessed folder and img_tinyfy_corrupt_images.log it might take you some time to filter what images have been optimized and to which img-tinyfy did not get before connection was lost.

    One option you have is to wait till all iterations finish and files get to notProcessed folder but that's a big loss of time.

    Easy Solution

    Now img-tinyfy creates another log file in your cd directory called img_tinyfy_success.log it will contain comma separated values of all images which has been successfully compressed during past iterations.

    It's not for you to read though.

    There is moveoptimizedfunction in img-tinyfy which will move all files which was already optimized(based on img_tinyfy_success.log) from your cd folder to the destination of your choice, for example:


    img-tinyfy moveoptimized E:\testGround\test3Out

    It will help you clean up current directory, not being forced to optimize already optimized images again.

    Important Note: Moving images is much faster within 1 disc partition, please keep that in mind to avoid trouble


    npm i img-tinyfy

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