provides imap access in a backbone model

==== IMAP

IMAPee provides fast and easy access to imap servers.


    // get credentials you hopefully entered beforehand
    var credentials = { 
            username: "username",
            password: "password",
            host: "",
            port: "993",
            secure: true,

    // get the backbone Model
    var model_imapee = require("imapee");

    // new instance of the IMAPee
    var Imapee = new model_imapee(credentials);

    // set query
    Imapee.query = [ 'ALL', ['SINCE', 'July 20, 2012'] ];

    // connect and call back
        console.log("myMail", mail);

    // also your mail is located in a Backbone.Collection in Imapee.mail

== USAGE REPL to create a instance of imapee with a repl use

    node index.js -repl