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Small library that listens for incoming messages on the imap server and returns the parsed message


npm install imap-notify


  notify = require('imap-notify'),
options = {
  user: '',
  password: 'myPassword',
  host: '',
  port: 993,
  tls: true,
  box: 'Inbox'
notifier = notify(options);
notifier.on('error', function(err) {
notifier.on('mail', function(msg) {
notifier.on('success', function() {
  console.log('connection made');
notifier.on('close', function() {
  console.log('connection closed');

Connection Options

  • user - string - Username for plain-text authentication.
  • password - string - Password for plain-text authentication.
  • xoauth2 - string - Base64-encoded OAuth2 token for The SASL XOAUTH2 Mechanism for servers that support it (See Andris Reinman's xoauth2 module to help generate this string).
  • host - string - Hostname or IP address of the IMAP server. Default: 'localhost
  • port - integer - Port number of the IMAP server. Default: 143
  • tls - boolean - Perform implicit TLS connection? Default: false
  • box - string - The box to listen on for new messages. Default:'Inbox'


  • mail(<Object> message) - Emitted when a new message is received with the new Parsed email message
  • error(<String> error) - Emitted when an error occurs between the library and the imap server
  • close() - Emitted on connection closure
  • success() - Emittied when connection succeeds

Mail Object

  • headers - unprocessed headers in the form of - {key: value} - if there were multiple fields with the same key then the value is an array
  • from - an array of parsed From addresses - [{address:'',name:'Sender Name'}] (should be only one though)
  • to - an array of parsed To addresses
  • cc - an array of parsed CC addresses
  • bcc - an array of parsed Bcc addresses
  • subject - the subject line
  • references - an array of reference message id values (not set if no reference values present)
  • inReplyTo - an array of In-Reply-To message id values (not set if no in-reply-to values present)
  • priority - priority of the e-mail, always one of the following: normal (default), high, low
  • text - text body
  • html - html body
  • date - date field as a Date() object. If date could not be resolved or is not found this field is not set. Check the original date string from
  • attributes - Object containing meta information about message
    • uid - integer - A 32-bit ID that uniquely identifies this message within its mailbox.
    • flags - array - A list of flags currently set on this message.
    • date - Date - The internal server date for the message.
    • struct - array - The message's body structure (only set if requested with fetch()). See below for an explanation of the format of this property.
    • size - integer - The RFC822 message size (only set if requested with fetch()).




npm i imap-notify

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