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Draw image into terminal ,whithout node-canvas.Let your command-line terminal not only have characters


Drawing image in your terminal whithout node-canvas,and the outputing image is more clear than using picture-tube.

Imaging, let your terminal outputs more interesting.

For node with npm:


npm install imaging -g


sudo npm install imaging -g

Node.js Module

npm install imaging --save


Set image width

imaging example.png -w 20
## or
imaging example.png --width 20

Set offset left

imaging example.png -l 20
## or
imaging example.png --left 20

custom pixel char

imaging example.png -c @
## or
imaging example.png --char #
## if error or don't take effect, try wrapping the char with ""
imaging example.png -c "*"

imaging char names:

  • charmap specific color with specific char, enjoy it.
  • square "▇"
  • circle "●"
  • rectangle" "█"

imaging example.png -c square equal imaging example.png -c ▇

var imaging = require('imaging');
imaging.draw('example.jpg', function (resp, status) {
      if status == 'success', resp is the image charater string.
      conols.log(resp) to render the image in your terminal
      else if if status == 'fail', resp is the error message
// limit the width for rendering 
imaging.draw('example.jpg', { width: 50}, function (resp, status) {
      if status == 'success', resp is the image charater string.
      conols.log(resp) to render the image in your terminal
      else if if status == 'fail', resp is the error message
    (status == 'success') && console.log(resp);
imaging.draw(path, [options], callback) //path could be a remote link or local resource 

options: object

  • width - the width of image for rendering
  • left - set the left offset of image
  • char - set the char as pixel of rendered image

callback: function (resp, status)

  • status == "fail" - resp: error msg
  • status == "success" - resp:imaging string in color format

Source image:

Draw into terminal:

Now, it dosn't support rendering images with batch processing. So when you want to render multiple images, only the way to imaging image for each.